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My first game #13

Wooo! The player’s idle front sprite is now in the game and I’ve changed the resolution and some other small stuff (the room is larger). I’m not sure yet if this is the sprite I will go with, I think that I should actually work on the rest of the graphics before I start working on running and fighting graphics.

Today I also did the back of the player character.

Tomorrow…or well, after I’ve slept I will work on background and enemy graphics.

As you can see, I’ve also implemented a minimap. It doesn’t work yet because I need walking sprites for the player before I can do that. I’ll also change the color of the minimap. I won’t post credits for it until I’ve gotten it to work as I want it to work. (The preview the asset had only showed me part of what I wanted, but I’m hoping it can do all I want it to do. Otherwise, I’ll have to get another one.)


I’m doing this with Game Maker Studio 2.

Here are the credits:
Game Maker Studio 2- 
Driftwood Gaming-
Current terrible art: me
Audio: I’m looking around


My first game #13

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