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My first game #10

Yeah, I’m now using three spawners… XD I don’t think I’ll have any more enemies. (I had plans for more)  I’ll have to change the spawn rate after I have changed the way that the players “weapon” works too. (he’s shooting arcane bolts)

I won’t have time to do the “death page” today, so that has been moved either until tomorrow (in case I don’t find anything more fun to do) or until the day after tomorrow. I won’t have much time to work on my game this week as I’ll be renovating my apartment but I should at least do something every day. :3


I’m doing this with Game Maker Studio 2.

Here are the credits:
Game Maker Studio 2- 
Driftwood Gaming-
Current terrible art: me
Audio: I’m looking around.

My first game #10

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