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My first game #9

Wooohooo! Today I managed to get pause to work, (I had forgotten to put the obj_status object in the gameroom on the instance layer XD ), the enemies have gotten random speed and health bars that appear only after they have gotten hit once. 🙂

As people who have been here before might see, I’ve also changed the titles from “Vacation game” to “My first game” since I’ll probably be tinkering with this game daily even after I’ve gone back to work.

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can find some tutorial out there that can explain to me how to get the spawner to spawn random enemies. These have 5HP and are relatively slow and big (and are going to split into smaller pieces when they die…if I can find a tutorial for it that works). I want some smaller and faster ones and some slower and bigger ones with higher HP too. The player is only going to have one life so they won’t be getting a health bar, however, if I don’t find a tutorial for the random enemy spawner thing I’m going to be doing a new page for when you die tomorrow…and just copy and paste in more spawners. 😛


I’m doing this with Game Maker Studio 2.

Here are the credits:
Drifwood Gaming-
Current terrible art: me

My first game #9

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